PYORTEE is an registered brand name of Purity RO Enterprises. We are in this field from than 10 years. We are manufacturer and wholesaler of RO System and its spare parts. We also deal in Chimneys and other home appliances. We inspire new commers to join hands with us in starting their entrepreneurial journey. Our inspiration has helped hundreds of people to start their business of RO System, chimney and other appliances. We are completely customer oriented and focused. We assimilate customers needs in to our products and salutation, and we react quickly when problem arise as well as for the new opportunity. Our customer made it clear that they appreciate this quality. We work accordingly to an overriding strategy and plan, but also follow-up on opportunities as they arise with existence potential to make our business expand more rapidly in a responsible manner. We have a good collective of entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to identity and prioritize opportunities, as well as a systematic approach to the implementation of our thoughts to make us different.